Dr. Hazel & the team are well-experienced Dentist, having been in the profession for a decade. Her continued learning has brought her to Australia for 9 months. She always attends all seminars on the subject of the latest trend in modern dentistry. Active member of the Philippine Dental Association and Cebu Dental Association. Graduated from South western University, a top performing School in the National Dentist Licensure Examination and proudly regarded as one of the Best Dental College Nationwide.

      We offer Dental Care Services and expertise to clients with Dental and Oral problems. We provide all forms of General Dentistry, Oral Surgery, Fixed Bridge and Removable Prosthetics, Orthodontic Care ,Cosmetic Procedures and Tooth Implants. It is a standard procedure in our clinic that we provide full Diagnosis of our Client's Dental Health and Complete personalized treatment plan right on your first consultation visit. We accept clients of all ages. Dr. Hazel is always available to assure the patients concerns and assure patient will have a comfortable and enjoyable dental experience during the visit. The dental assistant will accommodate you and provide tender loving care.

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