Unbelievable! My wife had heard of a dentist in the Philippines at Cebu from a friend , after making contact with the dentist lady we decided to go there for a holiday , my wife went to the dentist for a few days having her teeth fixed , I had no intention of having my teeth even looked at , on my wife's last visit to the dentist I decided to come along too , in passing I said to the dentist , how much do you think it would cost to have my last few teeth pulled out and dentures fitted , she said sit on the chair and I will have a look at your teeth , after a very short time she said I can give you a brand new set of teeth 28 crowns porcelain on metal bridges , then I asked how much will that cost , after getting up off the floor in disbelief of what the dentist had just told me , I said when can you start , she sent me off to have x ray's done $8 , as soon as I got back with the xray she started , no pain but several hours sitting in the chair , it took a week or so and when it was all over Hazel said stand up look in the mirror and smile , I stood there in absolute disbelief smiling ( something I hadn't done in many years ) , I gave Hazel the biggest hug . now I can't stop smiling ... thank you so much Hazel 

- Gary Ferris

Apr-10-2015 10:32:47

Hi, I first heard from a Mate how cheap it was to get Dental work done in the Philippines. He recommended a Dentist over there, so in June 2014 I made arrangements and flew to Cebu.

Before my teeth were that bad I very rarely smiled, now I smile all the time. The Clinic and staff are very hygienic and the dental work is excellent. So if you want dental work done at a reasonable price and have a holiday at the same time and come back with change in your pocket compared to what it costs at home this is the place to go. 

- MarkJ

Apr-04-2015 03:08:26

I visited the dentist in late October , I had never been to the Philippines before but I thought what have I got to loose , before going to the Philippines I had a quote from an Australian dentist to have my teeth fixed , the quote in Australia was $36500 , I then had a quote done from this amazing dentist from the Philippines that a friend of mine had recommended to me , the price was $4210 , I could not believe the price difference , so I booked my ticket , and sorted out some accommodation and off I went . I am so pleased I made the decision to go , the dentist Hazel she was the best dentist I have ever been to in my life , I could not be happier with the result , I can now smile and eat steak again , the skill level of Hazel was amazing , I felt no pain at all , I would recommend this dentist to anyone , my trip over to Cebu was the best thing I ever did ... *:) happy  

- Dave

Apr-09-2015 14:50:38